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Daily Draw: (21)Mountain+(33)Key+(23)Mice extra card (16)Stars

July 23, 2008

Boy! do these 4 cards say a mouthful! There are 2 ways to read these, right off the bat:

The Mountain+Key combination talks of significant delays….something of importance have been really delayed! and the Mice card is showing the frustration and stress that these delays have caused.

Thank goodness for the Stars card – because this is one of the best cards in the deck to me:) it’s very strongly reassuring me that whatever difficulties you might be in, there is an answer to them, and that success is just around the corner. It hints at positive outcomes–whew!

The other slant I could take with this is that this delay was designed by Fate, (Mountain+Key) to bring about a lesson/stress that was karmic in nature; but again working out ok with the Stars. Now I just had a discussion with my husband on webcam that reflected just this thought. He had been deeply thinking about the events and the trials and tribulations of the past year, and he said that it had really changed his perspective as to what was important in life. That championing a cause, fighting the fight, wasn’t worth hurting your family or your health, and that had he had it to do all over again, he definitely would have made different choices. He went on to promise that his priorites have changed, and he was determined to be a better husband and family man….this touched me deeply.

He is a good husband, I wouldn’t have stayed 8 years if he weren’t! but his eye has been on things that were different than me, many times. Having had a near death experience when I was 18, changed the way I viewed life completely, and I’ve been accused a few times of taking everything a little too much in my stride 🙂 I just don’t try to sweat the material stuff so much any more, because I know it’s ever changing. Hubbie, seems to be getting to that point. He said that if he could deal with people and situations the way he dealt with the squirrels and the ducks, (unconditionally) then he would have cracked it! lol  This was MUSIC to my EARS! lol  my husband can be VERY INTENSE! which in turn, puts everyone around him on edge…. so maybe, just maybe, all that we have endured these past 5 years will bring about a major change in the dynamics of our family. Maybe this really was all by design….(I’ve also been accused of always looking for the silver lining! lol) Oh well….

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  1. July 23, 2008 12:01 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    That is lovely news! Sometimes, it just takes men longer to figure out what the most important things in life are. My husband has started to see the light, too. He is a hard nut to crack though.

    Your cards today really reflected this whole thing so well!


  2. Phoenix Rising permalink
    July 23, 2008 10:33 pm

    Yes I think that the significant lesson is something that has been blocking for a long time, and realising that the stress is not worth it, and that there are more important things in life. So this is a great draw.

    My boss at work is starting to realise that big business is stressful and it comes at the detriment of health and family, unfortunately it took him a few million dollars to realise.

    I think us little people can thank our lucky stars!!!!


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