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Daily Draw:(28)Man+(5)Tree+(16)Stars+(35)Anchor

July 24, 2008

I have a series of draws lately, that popped out at me, and that I understood or could validate quickly…which is great! but this one has me scratching my head.

It could be describing a spiritual man (Man+Tree), who achieves success that is long term (Stars+Anchor)…this makes some sense to me, but is kind of strange for a daily draw. The Stars+Anchor can also be describing him as “legendary” or almost like hitting a homerun! because it can also mean “the Hall of Fame”. I know a man, who is trying to accomplish some pretty amazing things for the good of All, and if he manages to do it, he would definitely be legendary…I don’t know though…

Another way to go with this is to combine the Tree+Stars; this would denote possibly a psychic/medium or an astrologer, possibly who has had long term success. I can think of one thing that could relate to this in a way- I just discovered that the “One – BodyMindSpirit” channel on satellite has started carrying “Crossing Over with John Edward”. (John Edward is a famous medium) I have loved his work for years, but because of moving and travelling didn’t get to see many of his shows. This tv channel is having a sweepstakes, which I entered last night, to win a whole bunch of goodies related to him…ie books,cds etc…..I wish it was to meet him! lol that has been one of my biggest wishes, especially since my mother passed away…

So maybe, I will catch a show in the next few days that has some kind of an impact on me. That’s the only thing that I can think of.

Any ideas?? 🙂

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