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July 29, 2008

I looked at these cards this morning, and was pretty positive that they pertain to what is going to happen tomorrow.

The Tree can pertain to one’s health. The Key shows that it’s important, and that also there will be an answer/solution to a health issue….The Anchor continues that theme, as the Key+Anchor can represent long term solutions.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my GYN, and will be discussing going forward with major surgery. I have let too many years go by, unwell, trying to avoid a surgery, that now looks almost appealing….I think I’m surrendering to the inevitable…

Another thought to these cards: the Tree+Key could be referring to karmic lessons, major spiritual lessons…(something my mate and I have defintely feel that we have been going through this past year); and again the Key+Anchor could mean that there is a stable, long term solution around this….both the Key and the Anchor say “This is it! Success at your door…stability at last”

I think that this draw probably means both…whether health, or spiritual, both are welcome at this point 🙂

update: I did indeed talk about a long term solution to my medical problems with my doctor the next day….it looks as though I will be having surgery in October. I wish I was happy about it, I’m not! I cried all the way home…I’m going to need to shift my energy on this subject before I go into the hospital..that’s for sure..
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  1. Phoenix Rising permalink
    July 29, 2008 10:27 pm

    Hi Spiritsong

    Ah yes, the inevitable, for long prosperity, karmically and for your health. Nice draw!!


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