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(4)House+(29)Woman+(33)Key extra card: (18)Dog

August 5, 2008

I like this House card! (but I wouldn’t want to clean it!) –

OK, what came to me right away was that there is a lady coming to the home, who is either going to be a key friend to me/us, or a spiritual friend…….. (Key+Dog). There actually is a new lady coming to the home shortly, to do her Reiki Master’s Degree with my husband, so maybe it refers to her. We have made some amazing friends through the years that way 🙂

or possibly one of those “karmic” friends of the family (female) is going to reappear…?

Woman+Key is a significant female….add the Dog, and it’s someone I already know (hmm), either connected to the family, or is contacting the family… that’s about all I can think of…. we’ll see!

Ahh! I’m going to break with my own tradition and read the playing card inserts for fun! I’ve got the King of Hearts (which is my husband) and the Queen of Spades (probably the lady coming) with the 8 of Diamonds (extra money coming) and the 10 of Hearts (happy and celebrating)!

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