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(23)Mice+(14)Fox+(32)Moon extra card: (22)Crossroads

August 7, 2008

I didn’t relate too well to this draw this morning; I keep getting cards to do with people I know, and not necessarily about me! I find this annoying at times! sigh…it’s all good, as long as I know what it’s about in the end…

The Mice and the Fox describe either a stressful job, or a stressed employee. The Fox +Moon could be describing a psychic or spiritual counselor or an artist of some kind.

So maybe I’m picking up on someone I know who might be one of these things and happens to be stressed out!

With the Crossroads being last, this person is being presented with a choice in which direction to go next.

Twice, I have picked up sonething about either a psychic, or spiritual counselor, and twice I kind of discounted it (!#$%!) only to have such a person contact me within a day or two and make the draw correct! So I will trust that this has some meaning, and wait and see………..

It’s so important not to try to make it fit something that you already have in your mind; that blocks what the intuition/and cards are trying to tell you. Although sometimes it really does just pop out at me and “I know”.   I have friends who continually do that without thinking about it, and I’ll try to take a step back and read it more generally just to get a different perspective  on it. When you try to force it into a certain meaning, you usually get it wrong! lol

Here’s another scenario: the Moon+Crossroads could be talking about emotional choices being made. Now, the Mice+Fox could be stress around work for us, or it could be describing a deceitful, manipulative individual (I can think of one!!) who happens to be stressed out because they have to make some choices they don’t want to make, and it’s making them very distressed!! (mice and moon)…considering this person likes to present herself as a “spiritual counselor” this may all be about her!!! LOL   oh….I hope you’re really stressed 🙂

update: this came to pass the next day. It reaffirms to me that I must just trust what the cards are telling me, and not try to pigeon-hole them….it’s getting better and better!
A friend of mine, who is a professional psychic & counselor called me about a matter that was stressful to her, and needed to make some decisons on. I hadn’t talked to her in awhile, so wasn’t thinking of her at all …I LOVE THESE CARDS!!!
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  1. August 8, 2008 3:04 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    It’s always nice when things sort themselves out so you know what the cards are trying to say. So often, it is hard to see what they could possibly mean and then something happens and it is so clear!

    At first, I was thinking that the Fox and Moon together might be referring to the sneaky lady you guys have been having so many problems with.


  2. spiritsong permalink*
    August 8, 2008 5:27 pm

    Hi Sammie,
    I love it when they make themselves understood quickly – but I am constantly reminded to try not to jump to a certain conclusion, unless I’m getting a strong intuitive impulse. The more I practice detachment, the clearer it all gets! 🙂

    I’ve been spending the day cleaning my computer much like you! it’s a real pain-


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