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Reading using Madame Seaqueen’s trigger layout~

August 10, 2008


PAST               NOW             IMMED             SOON

This morning I did two Trigger layouts; one for my husband, and one for myself. My husband’s reading was over-the-top positive! money coming, success, recognition blah blah blah 🙂

Mine was the complete opposite! but for good reason. I’m dealing with a personal issue that has knocked me sideways, and is forcing me to deeply think about how I view myself, my life, and even womanhood. I’ve agreed to an operation this Fall, that I have spent alot of time and energy resisting for years. So, here are my topsy turvey cards:

Trigger row: Book+Woman+Tree+Coffin –  The Tree +Coffin combination really cuts to the chase on this one; it’s describing a  woman who is either deeply depressed, or who’s life force is seriously low. I’m afraid that I can identify with both at the moment. My medical problems have left me continually struggling with severe anemia. I think the Book before all this is saying that it’s a bit of a surprise that this woman is so deeply depressed! (I am the positive thinker of the family, always pivoting and finding the silver lining in every situation…. I have not been able to do so around this matter, and I have surprised my family, I think, in being quite down! they don’t know how to respond!)

Past, or leaving: Sun+Book+House- none of the combination meanings that I’m familiar with really fit in this case, so I read it singly. There was success, joy, optimism, victory (Sun) that came as a surprise (Book) for the family (House). Actually, this is true! We just won a court case after 6 years of fighting- that was definitely a surprise victory!

Now: Cross+Woman+Clouds – Unfortunately, I think this describes how I’m feeling right now. I am filled with grief and pain, and an awful lot of uncertainty. I just haven’t gotten my energy aligned yet with having this surgery, and yet I know that the time has come…it’s my resistance that causing me all the pain.

Immediately: Birds+Tree+Tower-  The Tree+Tower represents the hospital at the moment, and I am due to go in tomorrow for tests. I thought I was going to go on my own, but the Birds may be saying that my husband is going to want to accompany me. The Birds can represent companionship/couples, as well as talks, meetings, etc. It’s possible that we have a deep spiritual conversation while we’re there. (if you knew us, you’d know that things like that happen in the weirdest of places! lol)

Soon: Mice +Coffin+Heart- Well, this was a promising end to a not so nice week or so 🙂 The Mice+Coffin is saying that there will be a calming down, relief, no more stress….and with the Heart, it’s just expanding it to say that my emotional pain will be relieved in some way. The trauma I feel, will lessen. Thanks for that!

I think one other thing to note, is that this reading begins with the Sun and ends with the Heart; so it seems to be reassuring me that this will all pass, and that my heart will be full again…..

update: I can partially update that the Immediate row (Birds/Tree/Tower) came true today- hubby surprised me by wanting to come and be supportive at the hospital while I had some tests done. Ironically, he also brought with him his latest metaphysical-type book on 2012, and as we were waiting for me to be called, ended up in that “spiritual conversation” that I joked about! lol  these cards really fit the bill 🙂 so hopefully very shortly I will be feeling alot better emotionally too… boy, am I ever trying.
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    August 11, 2008 6:31 am

    Hi Spiritsong,

    All the best for your operation. It would be a deep emotional issue for sure. A huge adjustment for your body. It’s time for your family to be there for you. You’ve always been there for them. Mothers are expected to be on top of the world all of the time, only because others expect good ole mum to be there for their needs.

    You take care of yourself Lisa!!


  2. August 11, 2008 5:03 pm

    Dear Spirity,

    I’m so glad your husband decided to come with you for the tests – it will make facing things so much easier with support. I’ve been in the same situation and it was so hard having to literally beg my husband to come with me for tests and cat scans. It is wonderful that your husband decided to come and support you and show that he loves you.

    It is going to be stressful waiting for your operation but it will be so great to get it done and over with.

    My thoughts are with you.


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