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(9)Bouquet+(24)Heart+(3)Ship extra card : (30)Lily

September 1, 2008

It certainly seems that maybe, just maybe, I’ve weathered the worse. It was a very tough August emotionally, but September is looking like it might better.

The theme seems to continue, with the Bouquet + Heart; this is describing love, romance, emotional healing. If I were to include the inserts on these cards, you see that the man and lady are focused on each other…they are back in tune.

Now the Ship hints at the possibility of a getaway…especially with Heart+Ship, a romantic getaway. I can’t imagine! lol it’s been a long while!  Continuing this line of thinking, then the Lily reitierates a feeling of calm and satisfaction. Now another way to look at these cards, to me, is again, the romantic happiness (Bouquet+Heart), with the Ship+ Lily describing a foreign man, who is older than I am, with a possibly gray hair….. this description fits my husband 🙂 so more than likely this is just describing better feelings connected with my mate, and that does seem to be happening.

It ALOT more friendly around here! like night and day!

One last thought, looking again at the inserts for the fun of it; you’ve got a man and the woman who are focused on each other, but there is grief and heartache connected to another man, the King of Swords, coming….. Ironically, I am getting the message in many many ways that there is sad news coming about a man who is at a distance to me. I still think this might have to do with my ex- but I hope not.

It will be interesting to see what all my readings were really pointing to, later on.

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