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The 9 card spread~

September 4, 2008


Tomorrow, is my 49th birthday. I really don’t know where the past 9 years went to; I remember joyfully celebrating my 40th thinking it was the start of a brand new life, and it was….but not quite the life I had envisioned 🙂 isn’t that always the case?

I decided to do a 9 card spread, (mainly because of time constraints) as a birthday spread.


Tree+Bear+Bouquet- This was a nice one to see; it immediately said to me that there would be growth and recovery around finances (bear). But on another level, it seems to be talking about my intestinal troubles of late–(I’ve had non-stop nausea for over a week now) and the recovery from..

Garden+Fox+Birds- I think this is referring to the network of people we are involved with in our work, and meetings and mediations that are about to come; or simply an important phone call coming from someone in that group.

Tower+Moon+Child- Moon+Child popped out with this combo: it’s either describing a girl or’s who’s sensitive/creative.. and the Tower either refers to School, Legal or Hospital- The Tower+Moon combo can refer to the entertainment industry, or design…oh! I just had a thought, 2 of my husband’s daughters, (one 28 and the other 9!)have recently done some professional modeling in England…I don’t know why this would come up in my reading, but I’d better note it!

Maybe, for me, it’s saying that I’m coming into a major time of creativity…


Tree+Garden+Tower- Garden/Tower combo can refer to high rollers, “big wigs” (which we have recently become involved with) AND they happen to be spiritually oriented (Tree) – so it may be describing this group. The other way I have to look at this, especially as the Tree is the first card down, is Health issues. In that case, I think it’s showing me dealing with goups of people at the hospital…the dreaded medical connection! and that is definitely looming on the horizon.

Bear+Fox+Moon- This is an interesting combo, as I see it a couple of ways. For one, I think there is a significant amount of money coming work-wise(fox) shortly (moon). It can also be referring to the financial advisor (Bear+Fox). The moon has a fast time frame but it also can mean fame and reputation.  We are working closely with a financial whiz, maybe something big happens with him (and subsequently us)

The other is more personal. The Bear can represent digestive issues (which I am having) but it can also represent cysts/tumors. Being the second, (which I unfortunately have and am having surgery to remove), the cards seem to be saying that there is some kind of trouble.. The moon represents the female organs (which is where the tumors are!) so the Fox card really sticks out to me as a warning. There’s some kind of malarky around this issue, something I don’t know? I go to the doctor’s next week, so hopefully it will come to light.

Bouquet+Birds+Child-  I’ve got to tell you, going through this, writing, I’m getting a really weird feeling about this reading..really weird!!   I’m going to write something that is off the wall, and not particularly wished for at this point in my life, but I have to wonder….

These cards almost look like they’re saying I’m being giving the gift of children!  like twins!! LOL

I’ve got hospital and health, something not know or strange around my  ‘health’, and then this??? I’m writing this down, but I hope it’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy!!! I don’t know how I would react if I were presented with such news now! I’d probably freak out.

Central Theme (cards 2,4,6,8) – Bear+Garden+Birds+Moon-

How would you put this together? I see financial prosperity (bear/moon) and a couple who’s more emotionallyh connected….what else?

Synopsis (1,3,5,7,9): How it starts & how it ends – Tree+Bouquet+Fox+Tower+Child

Being that the Fox is in the middle, I take this to be about business. There looks like a “recovery” for the business, or “good health” and then it moves into a completely new corporation. (there is someone wanting to buy shares in our business and effectively take it over, if they do, they will re-invent it into a whole new business)…it’s either that, or it’s saying I don’t know have a clue about what’s about to happen, all is not as it seems (Fox) that I end up with physical recovery… and it ends in the hospital with a child!!! LOL  LOL  OH brother! I’m losing it with this one!

Some Birthday reading! I should have left the cards alone, and just worked out in the garage, cleaning out more boxes! that’s what I’m going to do now 🙂

Even the last combo first & last, Tree and Child – (Where I am and where I want to be)

tree-health matters

child- new beginnings or  literally, a child…  hmmm…   I take new beginnings!!   LOL

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  1. September 5, 2008 4:34 am

    Happy Birthday, Spirity!! 49 is still young (younger than me, anyway!)

    My mind is kind of in a fog right now so I haven’t really been able to look closely at all the interpretations – I’ll come back later to read some more.

    To me, the top row could read that your health (Tree) will be growing strong (Bear) and blossoming (Bouquet). I hope that will be true!

    Happy Birthday, again! I hope you will have many, many more to come.


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