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(18)Dog+(24)Heart+(35)Anchor extra card: (11)Whips

September 13, 2008

After the startling and quick confirmation of yesterday’s draw, I was curious as to what would appear next! I think this is a good message…the whips can have some funny connotations, but I think this is positive.

The Dog and the Heart popped out at me, right off the bat; they’re describing a love companion which in my case is my hubby. It’s really nice to see the Heart there, as it’s pivotal in this draw. The Heart+Anchor denotes a long term relationship in combination. The Anchor on it’s own, reassures that your close to reaching your goals, and that there is stability coming. Since the Heart is beside it, I think they are reassuring me that in the long run, this heart relationship will remain good and be what I hope it to be.

Now, to the Whips….! as the clarification card, or summary – it definitely describes the arguements surrounding this relationship; the friction. But I don’t think it is saying that there will be another arguement- that wouldn’t really fit in with what the other cards are pointing at.

On the more positive side, it can mean attraction, sexual or otherwise….passion coming back. So more than likely it is hinting that our connection (which is electrical! when all is well! lol) is returning.

What this basically said to me was that things are going to heat up! lol

update: Sorry to say, this turned out to be much more negative. I didn’t think with the Heart and the Anchor that the Whips card would take on a negative slant. Unfortunately it did on Tuesday, a few days after the draw. We were sitting in our favorite restaurant, “celebrating” our recent positive turn of events, when my mate turned on me very cruelly. Things came out of his mouth, that shocked even me! After so many years, I’m pretty accustomed to him being outrageous, but this time he crossed a line and said some things that a mate should never say. I got up and left him sitting with the meal in the restaurant. I haven’t spoke to him directly for 24 hours. The Whips card can refer to someone being abusive, and in this case it was my husband being verbally abusive. I have never been so shocked. I didn’t deserve such treatment. I am back today, going through my boxes in the garage!
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  1. phoenixoracle permalink
    September 15, 2008 2:57 pm

    HI Spiritsong,

    This is a interesting draw, looks like a bit of physical action here, on the intimate side of things…lol.


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