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Mountain+Scythe+Lily extra card: Birds

October 9, 2008

Once more, this draw is a part of an ongoing theme with me.

The Mountain and the Scythe describe a pending decision; something is about to break. The Lily following these two, show that I’ll be very pleased with the decision, it works out well. If you combine the Scythe with the Lily you also get the meaning of recovery, healing, rebuilding…which I like.

The clarifying card, or the overall theme of this draw, is the Birds. This card points to meetings, discussions, negotiations; or it could be that we receive a phone call about this matter.

That works for me! lol  I did a draw with the Kippers this morning that reflects the same theme- I’ll post that over at Card Lover’s

hmm,,,, as I posted this, another thought came to mind too. There could be delays (Mountain) either with surgery (Scythe) or with recovery & healing. Maybe I’m going to receive a phone call or have a discussion where my surgery has to be delayed. Somehow, with the Lily there, I can’t think that it would be a bad thing.

hmm..another thought after the last one! lol Mountain+Scythe, pending decision around the older male (Lily)– this again is just another twist on my original idea for this draw.

There are so many ways you can play with the combinations, and I might just find that all are correct! I will update —

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  1. October 9, 2008 8:52 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    Perhaps the mountain and scythe show the end of difficulties – that you have overcome what has stood in your way.

    The Lilies could show that serenity will reign but the Owls show that some people will be talking about the whole thing – like the people who lost the case!!


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