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Mountain+Mice+Child extra card:Tower

October 17, 2008


 This wasn’t too great of a draw! I couldn’t decide who it was referring to either!

I’ve got delays and stress around probably one of our children…or delays around the hyperactive younger one who we’re supposed to webcam with in just a little bit.

Thinking about the Tower, it can do with schools, business, hospitals, judgements/liens…so here are a few thoughts:

My eldest has been trying to close on a house in Idaho since Sept. 29th. The title company who was finishing the transaction went bankrupt and they’ve been left sleeping on the floor of their apartment! I’m sure that the delays have caused him great stress.

Another way the Tower could be viewed is banking. My husband’s grown daughter works for a bank and is due to move next week to Vancouver. Maybe there is some delay that causes alot of stress for her…

Tower is also a hospital…. hopefully none of the kids need to go near one!

Not a happy draw… 😦

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  1. October 17, 2008 5:25 pm

    Hi Spirity,

    This does seem like it could be about your children overcoming some sort of difficulties with something like a bank.

    However, when I first saw it, before I read what you were thinking – it seemed to be saying that overcoming some losses and troubles is leading to a new start of being safe and secure in your snug fortress! The child card can refer to the start of something.

    You guys have been overcoming some major troubles lately!


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