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House+Anchor+Crossroads extra card:Man

October 20, 2008


I am finding that I have less and less time this week for what I’d like to do, compared to what I need to do! Don’t you hate those kind of weeks?

It’s mid afternoon, and I finally got a chance to draw some cards.

The House and the Anchor, could be talking about a family estate, and with the Crossroads following it, hints at decisions that have to be made. This seems to have to do with a man. Now, no one has passed away lately, (and I really hope no one does) but this is one way to look at this draw. Decisions around a family estate, a man’s estate….

The other possibility, is that the focus ought to be on the Anchor+Crossroads. Together, they might refer to an adventurous lifestyle, or “on the road” kind of lifestyle. If this is the case, then it’s describing the family’s way of living, and it’s all because of whoever this man is! lol

I actually think this could be referring to our business friend, who shows up in lots of my draws. He has been talking about moving all his family’s household to the West, and buying an motorhome to drive out West in! LOL This would definitely fit the bill for this draw! so maybe, he’s really going to do it.

I will let you know 🙂

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  1. October 21, 2008 3:50 am

    Hi Spririty,

    I wonder if the House and Anchor could mean a stable home? Perhaps, the cards are saying that now your home is more stable you will be able to make some decision about a man or with a man. It could be your husband but it seems that usually the Dog represents him.


  2. Chanah permalink
    October 23, 2008 2:59 am

    I see House + Anchor as a homebody, someone who works at home, a housewife/house husband – or someone who works in real property, like an estate agent. I can kind of see that echoed in the Anchor + Crossroads, too – an estate agent would deal with more than one property, or somebody could have more than one job, or a choice of jobs if they’re looking. But real property seems to fit the best.

    Or a man who’s very sentimental about his home, and has to make a decision about it, but is kind of dragging his feet?

    A motorhome would work nicely, too – especially if it ended up being a second home!

  3. spiritsong permalink*
    October 23, 2008 9:21 am

    I like all of your interpretations 🙂

    I like the stable family/home, & being presented with choices – that definitely fits the bill at the moment, Sammie.

    Hi Chanah, nice to hear from you! (I like you avatar alot!) I don’t see the anchor as work, but if I did those are great interps – I do really like the homebody idea.

    The motorhome idea really fits, which I wrote also – and I actually know someone who’s thinking of doing it! lol and it would be a second, temporary home for awhile.

    What about having to make a choice between two properties, and it’s an important decision because it will be a long term residence….

    I’m kind of hooked on the motorhome idea!


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