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Dog+Child+Fox extra card:Scythe

October 23, 2008


Update: This draw was indeed referring to my 19 year old son and his work. Two people he knew at the restaurant very suddenly quit! The Head Chef quit for another job, and the Sous Chef quit because she didn’t get the Head Chef’s position! So there was definitely some chaos at my son’s workplace-


This is a strange draw, I’m not sure who this is referring to. I kept seeing “new job” with the Child+Fox combo (Fox= work in Sylvie’s system…. alot of people use Anchor…I think it’s whatever you’ve agreed to assign meaning to the cards…so someone who thinks of Fox as something else, would get a whole slew of other meanings for this draw)

Now what’s odd, is that Fox+Scythe can mean resignation, quitting, or even an accident/shock on the job. If these are the meanings to the combinations, then someone I know, maybe even a young person I know (Dog+Child) is either going to quit a new job, or have an accident or nasty surprise on the job.

That’s a bit of an “aha” moment- possibly either my stepdaughter (who’s moving this weekend to a new job in BC)- it would really ODD if she then quit! lol but this could relate to one of the other young people in our family; we might hear that they’ve quit a job that they haven’t had long.

Another thought was that of my 19 year old son. He works at a restaurant/hotel. Possibly he’ll come home from work telling of a small  accident in the kitchen or something.

Now I’ve got it in my head “small accident on the job” with someone we know! We’ve got someone we know rebuilding 2 sheds on the property…working with power tools…maybe it’s there- hope not!

I will update.

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  1. October 28, 2008 5:26 pm

    What deck is this? It’s not like any I’ve seen. 🙂 Actually you have a couple here that I would love to have.

    I’m enjoying reading your posts! Keep up the good work.


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