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(6)Clouds+(9)Bouquet+(10)Scythe extra card: (27)Letter

December 7, 2008


I first looked at the last card, The Letter, as it’s the clarifying card for the draw. The Letter denotes documentation, in the form of a letter, or an email..something written. We are on the brink of settling a major legal matter, and I feel very strongly that we are about to get word.

The Clouds card represents changeability, uncertainty. Nothing is quite as it seems with the Clouds.

The Bouquet card is the card of recovery, wishes coming true, beauty, happiness & joy, healing.

The Scythe card can represent a decision that is made, which once made is irreversible. It also denotes shockwaves, accidents, or something to do with surgery.

Now, the combination of the Bouquet +Scythe can denote cosmetic surgery, or just positive decisions.

I had considered having a tummy tuck at one time…but must admit, that after going through this testing time; that is definitely in serious doubt (Clouds). Maybe these cards are saying that after perusing my medical records, I’ll have doubts….but I don’t think that’s what this is all about.

If you combine the Clouds + Bouquet, you get the possibility of someone under the influence…or someone with impaired faculties…blissfully unaware. Besides the obvious drug/alcohol connection, I wonder if this might also refer to someone who had Alzheimer’s?? someone who is blissfully unaware of their surroundings.

Now I know someone in the extended family who has this crippling disease; and there has been talk that she might be having surgery (Scythe) in the New Year. Maybe we are going to receive an email around this situation.

The first impression that I got when I saw these cards was that I would be feeling the “bliss” (Clouds+Bouquet) because of a positive decision suddenly being made (Bouquet+Scythe). I think we’re about to receive an email or a fax showing that the lawyer has finally gotten an  agreement for payment from the other party 🙂

Of course that’s my preferred interpretation! Maybe I still just have impaired faculties after surgery, and that my writing reflects that! lol  Oh well…I’m definitely trying to jingle the brain cells again!


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  1. Chanah permalink
    December 7, 2008 6:49 pm

    Ouch, Spirity – I cannot even conceive of having cosmetic surgery after the un-fun surgeries I’ve been though the past three years! You’re a braver woman than I 😀

    Bouquet + Scythe can mean ‘the gift has a hook in it’ – or the settlement offer may contain a clause that you really need to think about. The Clouds in front of the Bouquet could be telling you to ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts’ in this situation.

  2. spiritsong permalink*
    December 7, 2008 7:37 pm

    Very true Chanah – we know that there will be some ‘trick’, some clause put in it… husband’s ready for that eventuality.
    “Gift with a hook”- I like that analysis! have to remember that.

    Not so brave any more Chanah – got to admit. I’ve had many surgeries through the years, but nothing came close to what I’ve endured the last 6 weeks. I’ve totally reconsidered my original plan! I’ve lost 20 pounds, and plan on continuing- that won’t fix the stomach muscles, but never mind….

    I’ve survived, and want to keep on! lol

    thanks for you input 🙂

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