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Anchor+Man+Fox extra card: Ring

December 8, 2008


I had planned on doing a reading, but found that I was very tired today (not the same zest as yesterday!) so I settled on a daily draw for now 🙂

The Man is prominent in this draw. Everything is centered around him.

The Anchor+Man describes a confident, reliable, faithful person. He’s a determined man.

The Fox tells me that he’s connected to “work”. This describes my husband’s business partner.

I haven’t seen a picture of him, but I almost wonder if he’s also of reddish hair, fair complexion? “D” is definitely a workaholic which is a more positive side to describing a man with the Fox card 🙂

The Ring is telling me that one of his big contracts must be about to bear fruit? The Ring can also represent a gift, and I’ve been getting the gut feeling that “D” would be transferring money very shortly our way– now that would be a welcome gift! lol

At any rate, something big is going on around him, and we will probably hear from him later today!

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