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Reading using Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout~

December 9, 2008

I thought today I would use Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout. For those new to my blog, it’s a great general reading to see what’s going to happen over the next week to 10 days; although sometimes it stretches out a bit longer.

In doing the spread, first you pick a signifcator (either the man or the woman card) and place it down.

Here is a diagram of card placements:

When I do this spread, I first look at the middle row of cards, (the Trigger Row) to see what the general gist of the reading is. One thing I’ve discovered, is that many times the reading won’t be about the querant specifically, but of things going on around them! So it’s important to read the cards kind of generally until you can figure out who and what it’s about. Sometime it takes a bit of detective work – but other times it’s very clear 🙂

Many times when I’ve tried to do this spread for myself, it will talk about the lady that my husband is in legal battle with, instead of me! so stay open..

Check my archived post about this spread here; and be sure to check out Madame Seaqueen’s site here.

 PAST                                       NOW                               IMMED                     NR FUTURE

33p-key  31p-sun1   21-p-mountain   20p-garden

27pletter   28p-man  26p-book  14p-fox

30p-lily  23p-mice1   17p-storks  19p-tower

First I  look at the middle row.

Letter+Man+Book+Fox:   letter+man can be a writer, or a licensed professional…combined with the book, I immediately thought of a researcher or an auditor. This man is connected to work related issues. It so happens that the court has appointed a researcher/processor to discover what assets our legal advisary has in her name. They are trying to find out where her wealth is hidden.

Another way to read this line might be that there is written communication coming from a man, out of the blue. It may be that he reveals to us things unknown around this devious con artist/work situation (fox)-

book+fox can equate to a detective….maybe this man finds something in writing that’s helpful.

Past- Key+Letter+ Lily:  This hasn’t happened yet, so it must literally be at our door…

Key tells me that there is a significant event about to happen. The Key is a YES! card; destiny is coming into play. The Letter and the Lily, I think refer to either a document, written communitcation,that is going to bring a great deal of satisfaction to us. Something big is on the doorstep. The Lily can also refer to an older gentleman, so it could be communication of great importance from a man.

The Letter+Lily can also refer to outdated information, or old information. I bring this up, because of the Key; the key hints at an unexpected resolution, and answer. We might get our hands on some old information (from the researcher/auditor) that cracks our case wide open! We have people sending us info on her assets, as well.

Now- Sun+Man+Mice: This describes my husband, who reading it was. The Man+Mice describes a man who is very stressed out & anxious. Luckily the Sun overshadows that. The anxious, at the end of his rope man is about to claim success. There is victory coming for him.

Immediate- Mountain+Book+Storks:  None of the combos I know really fit this very well, (especially since it’s supposed to be immediate); so I’m going to read these separately. After many obstacles and delays, there are unexpected/surprise improvements on the way. There couldbe confidential information (book) that moves things along  finally.

Nr Future- Garden+Fox+Tower:  I’m not quite sure about this one, to be honest. With Garden, you have groups of people, networks, charities etc. For me, sometimes it represents the internet. Fox combined with Tower makes me think of somone employed at a corporation, or a bank, or a legal firm..even a govt. employee.

Garden can be parties, and social events. Maybe we’re invited to a Christmas do with one of the big firms we are associated with……since I don’t have any plans in that way, that seems kind of slim 🙂

Maybe, just maybe, we hear from one of the employees, connected to the “false/con/ charity”!! Garden = charity organization and fox/tower= admin employee. The crook we’re trying to bring down, ran a bogus charity 🙂

I will be certain to update- this reading seems ripe to me! 

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 12, 2008 9:04 pm

    Thank you Spiritsong for this great post.
    Your renewed strength can be felt through your words.
    You have refined your gift of Cartomancy. Bravo!

    Madame Seaqueen

    • spiritsong permalink*
      December 13, 2008 12:39 pm

      Thank you very much Madame Seaqueen 🙂
      I completely lost my connection to any type of card deck for the time I was recovering. It was a bit scarey for me, as I couldn’t help but wonder if it would “come back” –
      It seems to have, and my love and respect for them has returned 10-fold 🙂

      Best wishes,

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