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6 card reading

December 11, 2008

On the Art of Cartomancy forum, there is a spread that we use often for playing cards. It consists of 6 cards, 2 horizontal rows of 3 cards each. I always lay them down 1-2-3 top row, then 4-5-6 bottom row.

It’s especially good for asking a specific question.

I asked if we would have some of our monies before Christmas? ( we are owed from a few different directions)- this is what I got:


         PAST               PRESENT        FUTURE & ANSWER




Past- Anchor+Mice:  In the past there has been constant stress..long term 😦

Present- Clouds+Snake: In Sylvie’s book, “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle“, she describes this combination as “serious problems with no easy solutions”. (That fits how we feel financially at the moment!) Singly, I would just see this as trouble/difficulties that are a moveable feast- not being able to pin it down and deal..

Now the Snake, very often shows up in the guise of the nasty woman, the deceitful not-to-be trusted one. This, personally, is my card for the nasty piece of work that hubby is fighting legally. The Clouds card is always near by her too, because she’s volatile and unpredictable–very much a bi-polar combination!

Future & Answer- Ring+Rider:  Hooray! this is telling me “Yes!” we should have some money by Christmas- The Ring talks of an agreement, a contract being done. A deal is being made, there’s a positive change, a satisfying solution is at hand. And the Rider (horseman) is saying it’s SOON….news is almost to our door.

By Christmas, we ought to have the worst behind  us, and begin a new chapter.

The cards wanted me to know which situation the money was coming from as well.

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