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Reading for my son~

December 13, 2008


(The cards all ought to be on one line, but there are limits to how I can display graphics here 🙂)


I did a reading for my son, M, who’s due to fly out West to start his sophmore year of college, right after the holidays.

He had wanted to go in the fall, and the cards had shown delays until Winter- now we’re all holding our breath, hoping our monies come through in time to send him off the way we want to, rather than just on his student loan. It’s been really stressful!

I did a spread for him, combining the Tarot with the Lenormand. It’s a spread that Sylvie Steinbach once mentioned to us, and that I like ALOT.

 I read the pairings from left to right, and it always seems to show a succession, but I don’t recall any specific timeframe on any of the positions.

10 of Swords + Mice:   I immediately took this combo to mean the end of the stress. The 10 of Swords represents an end of a cycle – the final conclusion is at hand. The Mice represents stress stress stress! lol

So this looks promising 🙂

Wheel of Fortune + Heart: The Wheel of Fortune can indicate entering a lucky period in one’s life. Luck is now on your side- there could be new conditions or the possibility of financial improvement..just a change for the better.

With the Heart linked to it, there is definitely a brightening of Spirits for M (& the family who love him) and enthusiasm with this change of circumstances.

6 of Pentacles + Tree: I couldn’t help but think when I saw this combination, that there is a karmic reward of funds coming- there is money coming. The Tree in the Lenormand, can be of a karmic nature, and with the 6 of pentacles there is a paying back (or in some cases a paying out) of monies…there is a redistribution. The 6 of Pentacles says “you will receive what is rightfully yours”…

Ace of Swords + Crossroads: The Ace of Swords denotes the beginning of an undertaking that will prove successful. Focused action, swift action will lead the day. The Ace of Swords says that you are in control, and that you feel powerful and have the means to see things through to it’s conclusion.

The Crossroads hints at new alternatives to stalled situations, and being presented with choices that have to be carefully considered. With the Ace of Swords linked to it, I would say that M will make the right decisions, whatever it’s about. The Crossroads can also refer to a timeframe of 2 weeks- (and I’m definitely hopeful that this will present itself in this time frame! lol)

2 of Pentacles+the Book:   I’m happy to see the 2 of Pentacles here, because it says that M will have the ability to handle what comes to him. He will be able to maintain balance in the midst of change – he will have the stamina and the strength to juggle all of it.

The Book is also very appropiate, and I gave out a sigh of relief when I saw it. The Book refers to education and studies; so it definitely looks like these cards are telling us that things are going to turn around quickly for the better, and that M will manage his new environ just fine.

This turned out to be a reassuring and positive spread for my son, and I was very grateful! It had been very difficult to share with him last summer that the cards had indicated delays until Winter semester- I’m glad he’s got a green light now.

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