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Scythe + Book + Clover

December 16, 2008


I pulled this draw yesterday, and thought I would share because I think if may have already come true last night on one level.

The Scythe hints at something shocking happening, it can mean a decision is made that once done, can’t be taken back. It can also refer to accidents or surgery.

The Scythe with the Book can refer to a researcher-

The Book  & the Clover can mean a lucky break, or a surprise that’s beneficial in some way; a breakthough or a discovery….

One thought I had was that the accounts processor/researcher uncovers hidden funds on the crook who owes us alot of money.

Last night, my husband got a call from another interested party to this case, and said that she had been served papers in a custody case with the crook’s son. We felt really sorry for her, but it was a surprising discovery because that means there is money hidden 🙂 The Crook always pays for her son’s debacles!

If anything else crops up, I’ll be sure to add it-

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