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Anchor+Bear+Stars extra card: Key

December 18, 2008


I’ve been taken out of commission by a sinus bug, so I’ve been delayed in posting 😦

I did this draw yesterday, and I must admit, just scratched my head. It is nothing like what I’m experiencing at the moment. I pray that this one really manifests.

The Anchor talks about things going the right way, that I’ll eventually reach my goal… our most pressing goal at the moment is to be able to pay some bills!

Now the Bear, which has to do with money, is sandwiched between some very positive cards 🙂 The Star predicts positive outcomes, and if I were to combine it with the Key, it describes winners, awards..

Is this talking about the allusive financial award we have been fighting for?? the one we wonder if we will ever get?

All I know is that the Key says “take note” – something major is about to happen; and it has to do with a positive turn in financial matters. Stability coming from money of your dreams… Destiny looks like it’s definitely about to come into play.


Maybe tomorrow I will be fortunate and draw the Tree and Bouquet for a return to health! (one has to hope! lol)

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