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Line of Five spread-

January 4, 2009

I remember reading quite awhile ago about a spread that Chanah likes to use. Sometimes she uses 9 cards instead of 5, but I thought 5 was enough for my first go 🙂   Here’s what I drew:


 If I remember right, I read the line and then read the outer pair, and the inner pair..

This is definitely talking about (YES! you guessed it!!! LOL) the legal battle AGAIN . There is a legal agreement/contract(Ring+Tower) coming with the “Spiritual Lady” (and boy- do I use that term with alot a sarcasm….it’s how she portrays herself) who’s at a distance.  Instead of describing her as the “Spiritual” one, I could call her the “Karmic” one 🙂  The tree represents karma as well.

The Ring+Tower can mean legal judgement, literally. It can also mean prison…

Had the Ring not been there, I think I would have deduced that this was talking about health matters and a lady in hospital overseas…but the Ring doesn’t fit that scenario. I make a note of it anyway.

Now the Ring+Tree (the outer pair) ,I immediately thought of as a prosperous deal or contract. If it relates to the legal case, there is definitely a karmic thread going on between the players, and any deal is definitely the same.

Ring + Tree also represents growth, expansion, or healing.

Tower+Lady: Could be describing the legal issues around this lady. It could also be saying how isolated and alone she’s feeling. Most supporters have defected over the last few years. Tower+Lady also describes a demanding, alpha female type, which definitely hits the nail.

The Ship while definitely referring to the drama and the person at a distance, can also be a time frame of 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or March….if this is the case, I pray it’s sooner than later. I think more than likely it is just meaning the distance of it all.

Well there’s my first attempt at a Line of 5 🙂  Sorry that my spreads keep showing that legal case, I get fed up at times! But it must be coming to a head to be so prevalent-

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