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January 13, 2009



On a big scale the Garden+ Heart could be talking about a big emotional event like an engagement party, or a marriage. There’s adult child in our family who might become engaged…but somehow, I don’t think this is it.

On a smaller scale, maybe a romantic outing? but the Child card wouldn’t fit into that….

 but what hit me was the Heart+Child….I immediately thought of my cherished son, now off at University on the other side of the country. (boy! do I miss that young man) 

The Garden is everything social, and groups of people. Most likely, this is telling me that my son is really enjoying his new school and the socializing aspects of it 🙂

As long as he balances it out with study! lol then all will be well –

If you like delving in other forms of card exploration, be sure to visit my sister site, The Card Lover.

update: Sure enough! I talked to boy wonder a day or two later, and he’s made a slew of friends and is having an absolute blast– I’m really glad, but hope he studies as much as he socializes! lol
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