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Sometimes I wish the Lenormand was wrong!

January 21, 2009



These cards showed up, unfortunatelya few days ago, as part of a bigger Trigger layout that I did for my husband.

Sure enough, it came about in a big way soon after! 😦  He got very impatient with my 17 year old daughter (who he often has difficulty relating to) and blew up at her. He refused to talk with her in a calm manner, but instead kept going off the handle. I was put in a terrible position, in the middle, seeing both sides and knowing that none of it was worth blowing out of proportion….. It ended up in a pretty bad row, between husband and me sadly. Everything is ok now with my daughter, but I am left out in the cold.

Hence my 3 card draw of yesterday:



The Key and the Heart describe a significant love, my soul mate; (and my husband is certainly that). Unfortunately,the Mountain says it all…he is now very cold and distant, hardly saying a word. It’s funny peculiar that it always ends up to be “my fault” somehow, when he has trouble relating to a teenager!

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  1. January 21, 2009 7:01 pm

    Sorry to hear about this. I hope things become smooth very quickly… Reading your post really struck a chord with me because i have been that 17 year old teenager and had my father blow up at me many a time (i’m now 24)… all I can say is it will eventually pass. It just sucks to be you stuck in the middle trying to placate both of them and not knowing where you stand or having your husband doing the silent treatment and being cold and distant.

    I feel sorry for your husband too. Most men don’t know how to talk to their teenager daughters… its just how it is… its all to do with stages of development ( i won’t bore you with that psychology stuff)

    All in all I guess i wanted to say good on you for standing up for your daughter… because even though we get into fights with our dads we really do need them, but we really need our mums even more! Good luck!!!!

    P.S if your daughter wants to talk to her dad and is afraid he will blow up at her, suggest that she write him a letter, these things can work wonders!

    Good luck!

  2. deceon22 permalink
    January 21, 2009 11:12 pm

    Dear Spiritsong, first i would like to say that you have a really nice blog, and i am thankful for all your warts and all posts 😉 I read quite a few blogs about the lenormand cards and i must say that yours is the first one i have ever felt the nerve to post a comment on, so here goes, but please dont take any offense if it comes across as harsh as i dont mean it that way. In your first set of cards you have the house, snake and child , well for me i would read it as a pretty cheery home (house and child) being upset by a bit of a “demon child” with the mother “snake/queen of clubs ” playing piggy in the middle, (hope you dont mind me dragging a bit of cartomacie in here). Who’s the cause, well not the house(king of cups), pretty layed back kind of guy, sometimes a touch to layed back but ok none the less (i sometimes see him as Santa with a machine gun, lovely when he’s in a good and giving mood, but cross him and the gloves come off). Then we have the child/ jack of spades card, such a sweet little thing, but, the jack aspect of the card for me is the Devil, traditionally known as a one eyed jack (i used to be a croupier : ) not a nice card at all, a little on the sly side, knows how to play people off each other, quick with the tongue, for good or bad and is far from innocent. So in those three your interpretation kind of matches mine, I just added a little more spice, lol.
    Now the second lot, on the surface it could look a little trying but i would read that as mountain and key; unfortunately our old friend destiny says that this obstacle was supposed to happen, and key/ heart, all will be fine in the end. Now if i take it a little deeper, i would view the mountain as a very strong male influence, a little set in his ways and if confronted you either get a land slide of emotion coming from him or he freezes you out. And then we have the object of his ire, the heart card, on the surface you could see this as the nice loving, happy peaceful card that it usually is, but, if you take a closer look, the jack actually has a dagger in his hand, basically a loving person, but dont test them cause they will stab at you. As my mom always says, “sometimes the bigger the smile the bigger the knife in the back” I would also say that it is tempting to do what millions of mothers do,say nothing, pray for the best, take the blame and eventually comfort the child, “tough love coming at you now love 😉 i would look at these cards as saying put the mountain/ husband first as no matter how you look at it your daughter is the jack of spades and the jack of hearts, she’s a bit of a witch at times, but the mountain/her Dad has come out first so he will always be the boss of her life. And i also think that you shouldnt look at that mountain as a major problem, personally when i see a “negative”card come up with a couple of positive cards i feel that they have a tendency to soften the blow, so i wouldnt see it as an enemy or big obstacle, more like a rock in your shoe that needs turfing out. Hope you enjoy reading this, Love and Laughter, Dec.

  3. spiritsong permalink*
    January 25, 2009 1:21 pm

    Dear Deceon,

    Thank you for your very indepth insights on these cards, and forgive my delay in responding. There were some tricky days that I had to deal with ! Now all is well, and I have my humor back.

    You hit on a GREAT deal! I don’t always look too closely at the playing card inserts, because they don’t always correlate to the way I read playing cards – but this time, most of it fit!

    My husband is the King of Hearts. The only part, that really didn’t describe him was being laid back 🙂 but the rest fit.
    And yes, I’ve been “piggy” in the middle too many times – (funny enough, I’m a Pig in the Chinese horoscope).
    My daughter, (his Step-daughter) is usually the model girl. Almost a straight-A student, and very shy and introspective. It is only very rarely that she steps out of line and puts her foot in her mouth. This was one of those times!

    I would agree that this event was meant to happen– and as it has now cleared the way for a major healing and new understanding between the 3 of us, I am grateful. At the time though, I thought I was doomed 😦

    So glad you came out of lurking and shared your thoughts on this– it’s very much appreciated!


  4. spiritsong permalink*
    January 25, 2009 1:30 pm

    Hi Elki 🙂

    I wanted to thank you personally too! Dad/daughter dynamics are so very important; and what complicates this is that my daughter hasn’t seen her biological father for a few years, (although he does call from overseas every week)-

    My husband has tried to the best of his ability to be a good step-dad; but even with all our good intentions, it’s easy to go awry. I have acted as a buffer (as mothers will invariably do) probably too many times. This time I surrendered, and though it was painful, we finally worked some things out. There is a new respect and good will between all of us, that is really wonderful to see.

    I lost my dad to a sudden passing, at the age of 15, and it was just my Mom and me. I think when I divorced her father, there was a bit of that same feeling of “us girls against the world” going on; and me trying to shield from any more hurts. My intentions have always been good, but I think I needed to get out of my own way this time.

    You never stop learning, and you never stop discovering how your Past can influence your Present! even when you think you’ve done all the Inner Work! sigh*

    We’re all better for the experience, even if you hate confrontation… (like me!)

    Thanks so much for your kind words and support.
    ps- I can remember my own dad and I writing a few notes to each other, when talking was too hard 🙂 I saved his…

    best wishes,


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