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January 23, 2009


I drew these cards 2 days ago, and sat on them to see if I would be right. Thankfully I was !

My immediate impression was that after 2 days, there would be an end to the emotional pain and grief I was feeling over recent family problems. The Clover can be a timing card, representing 2 days or 2 weeks, and it also shows hope or positive endings to difficult situations. It reminds us to keep our chins up and think positively. .

If I had combined these cards I could have come up with maybe a lucky escape from a bad accident…(trust me when I tell you I was careful walking on the ice those two days, and extra careful driving around town!!)

I just got the feeling that I was meant to read the cards singly. The Tree as the clarifying card, told me that all of this was a spiritual test, and karmic.

Sure enough, 2 days from drawing these cards, my husband and I had a very long talk about family dynamics and issues that had bothered each other. A great deal came out of it, besides a few tears, and we are all better for the having gone through the painful week. There is a new understanding between the 3 of us, and a new bond.

Step-parents, blended families can hit rocky ground. Once my son left for Universtiy, the dynamics changed; and my daughter couldn’t hide. She has been forced to come forward and interact in a way that she’s never had to before. It’s all for the good. All our roles have been slightly redefined through this experience, and I’m feeling optimistic that we’re on the right path now. We learn through our difficulties!

I received to very lovely comments on this issue, that I haven’t had a chance to comment on yet- but will do later this afternoon when I have a bigger block of time.

I have more to post and share as well…..stay tuned 🙂


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