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Lenormand & Tarot reading

January 25, 2009



The last time that I did this spread, I was asking about whether my son would make it out in time to BC to start his next year of University. We were financially strapped, and I was really worried. It had said that he would, and get the help that he needed. That reading was 100% accurate, and I became really impressed at how well the Lenormand and the Tarot combine together for a reading. They should all be on the same row, but I don’t seem to be able to place them in this post that way.

This time, I didn’t ask a specific question, but just wanted to see the general trend ahead. I’ve only just noticed that this time around I put the Lenormand on top, and the Tarot on the bottom…it’s normally the other way around!!! LOL

Hopefully this will still give an accurate spread 🙂

Clover/6 of Wands – Either in 2 days or 2 weeks (or even 2 months!) there is going to be a very lucky victory/win. When I see the 6 of Wands, I immediately think of my husband’s legal battle; as it’s really the only place where Victory plays a role. There is going to be some twist of fate in his favor, over this legal wrangling. Those are 2 very good cards to have together!

Bear/Star- The Bear usually comes up as meaning money for me. “Windfall” is what really comes to mind.

The Star reminds me that things are being orchestrated from a higher level, and to keep my Hope up…Optimism is crucial in all of this. The Star is the gift from Spirit, basically. I think that there is going to be some help in the financial arena that seems pretty magical. I’ve seen this happen before in our lives, so I know it exists. The Star can mean the fulfillment of wishes.

Ring/6 of Pentacles- Again, taking on the 2 combinations that came before, the Ring and the 6 of Pentacles are showing an agreement being reached, and money that is owed, being paid. It certainly looks as though there will be some legal victory in the near future. (as a note, my husband actually won a substantial amount- but collecting it has been down right impossible….every trick in the book has been used to delay the inevitable) The 6 of Pentacles is collecting what is rightfully yours…

The Fish/7 of Wands- The Fish represents business to me, or being independent; and the 7 of wands represents holding your ground, not backing down from your position. This combination can represent stiff competition in business & having the courage and stamina to see it all through.

The Horseman/5 of Pentacles- The horseman can mean news is coming quickly, or it can refer to a young man.

Unfortunately the 5 of Pentacles represents financial or spiritual difficulty. It can also refer to someone who doesn’t feel connected, lost in some way. Now I really can’t tell if this is talking about a young man, or if we are just going to hear news of financial difficulties somewhere.

I almost get the feeling that my husband will get his legal financial reward, only to discover that there will be financial difficulties with someone else…hmm

The Fish, again, can be about being independent, and the 7 of wands might be saying that we need to defend that at all costs….keep that at all costs, because there might be other difficulties coming, or someone who will be putting out a hand for a piece of his reward! Boy, do I sound cynical!

But after coming so close to losing our home, you can believe me when I say that money is going to stay very close to the chest for awhile! I don’t ever want to go through that again.

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