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January 29, 2009


I drew these cards this morning, and have waited all day before I could get near the computer- seems to be a regular thing lately! 😦

One thought is that the troubles and interference I feel that I’m having around studying, is about to be resolved.

The Stars hints that there will be answers and a positive outcome. (Basically, I’m feeling stressed that I can’t spend the time I want to on studying the different card systems that I love….Life and family obligations have limited my free time considerably lately, and I’m feeling a bit crabby with withdrawal!)

The Snake and the Stars combined could refer to creative solutions around my projects and studies…. or it can represent a challenging project in itself.

Ha! today, I spent a good amount of time trying to create a facsimile of a deck that I want to buy, and can’t at the moment- so I’ve been busy in a graphics program etc, and printing out cards 🙂  maybe Book could be talking about that project, and my creative solution to it! lol  This is probably most likely…

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