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Letter + Sun + Fox extra card:Key

January 31, 2009


The Key tells me to take note! something important is about to happen..destiny is at play and success is at our fingertips 🙂

There is communication in the form of  a letter, a fax or an email that either relates fantastic news, or of a victory. Something really great is about arrive in written form! Letter/Sun could also mean an award of some kind… or glowing review?

Sun+Fox could be a top executive, success or happiness at a job. Maybe someone close to me gets recognized for their work on the job, like an award. Sun+Fox might be referring to a Summer Job!

Come to think of it, Letter+Sun could be a great written offer for a job, or a glowing recommendation around a job.

I have  a strong feeling now, as I write out these possibilities, that this draw is referring to my son, Michael. He is in a hotel management program at University. We talked to him last night, and he was starting interviewing with a few prestigious hotels in BC and Alberta for his Summer Work Program!

He was offered one job from a hotel in the Banff area, right off the bat, and had 3 others he was talking to in the next few days….

doesn’t this sound like resumes for a summer job, or being offered a great job? something that is very important to him? (Key)

In fact, Fox/Key, if I were to combine them, would mean important job position!

Either this is about him, or someone around me is about to have something important happen with their job….. I will update! As his happiness and welfare are very important to me, my draws often reflect something that’s going on around him. My hunch is that this is the case this time 🙂

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