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Line of 5 spread~

February 10, 2009


This reading mirrors a reading I did today using the Playing Cards, which I posted on my sister blog.

It’s talking about an agreement, a deal made with the “lady”. It’s a legal agreement that turns out successfully and leaves us with choices and decisions to make.

The Tower, in the middle, tells me that it’s about the legal matter.

The Ring and the Crossroads hints that we will be faced with a decision as to whether to agree or not; or possibly there will be 2 versions to be evaluated. The Crossroad might be talking about timing ( 2 weeks or 2 months)

The “Lady” and the Sun says to me successful conclusion around the matter with the woman….victory!

I tried the Line of 5 spread with the Lenormand, the Kipper and the Playing cards this morning, and they were all saying the same thing! amazing!

That’s the kind of concrete proof that I enjoy getting to show me that the cards are definitely conveying a message that they want me to know-

I love cartomancy!

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