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February 13, 2009



Seeing my last post, this may be a continuation of it! talking about the same person, I’m not really sure.

The Horseman + the Bouquet is very pleasant; it can mean happy news or it could literally be describing a handsome young man.

If  it’s “happy news” then it happened tonight! We got word from the lawyers that we had to fly back to the states to be back in court in 2 weeks. We ended up rushing around trying to see what we could get for airline tickets- and it was shocking…even with exactly 2 weeks, the prices were around $2000 each!! We were very discouraged.

Then we called to see if we could get a ticket or a discount using airmiles. This very lovely woman on the other end of the phone, took a great deal of time with us, and in the end, pulled off a miracle! Not only did she manage to get both tickets on air miles, but they were business class!! LOL WAY TO GO!! LOL  This was very happy news- and done with a very sweet, lovely lady, so I think this is the meaning of this draw 🙂

Time will tell if there is another layer- but I’m happy with what is-

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