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Reading around a friend’s grown son~ Lenormand and Tarot

March 26, 2009

It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve been able to post on either of my Blogs… I have been running around, with alot of demands on my time that left me no time for writing. I’ve missed my card friends greatly!

Life certainly goes in cycles – and this cycle has been about no time for myself! I finally said enough is enough, and have made a promise to myself, that no matter what, I will post 2-3 times a week without fail–at least that way, I’m still participating. I have continued reading daily, just not writing about it 😦

I thought I would share part of a reading that I did for a woman’s son, recently. She asked for me to look at a budding relationship that he was experiencing. She wanted to know if this exchange would be good for “R” or hurtful?

So I did a series of spreads with the Lenormand, and then a tarot spread to accompany it, and they were quite clear in their information.

I asked the question: “will this relationship be good for “R”? “


He had known this girl in the past, and the Mice/Clouds/Scythe showed that he had felt lost when they had parted company before. There had been confusion in his mind.

I wasn’t too pleased to see the Woman/Crossroads combo in the near future, because for me, it shows and woman who is unstable and not necessarily to be relied upon– it can describe the young woman as having multiple partners, of being promiscious. I didn’t relish telling my friend that!

The Crossroad/Tree also showed that there are karmic connections between these two. It said to me that “R” would learn alot spiritually from this relationship.

I had also charge the Heart card, besides the Man, as this was about emotional matters. Below are the cards that surrounded the Heart:


I almost croaked when I saw these!! Thank goodness I know the mother pretty well, and just spit it out! lol

The Lily/Coffin combo  shows that satisfaction slowly fading away as deception appears. Having said that though, (and this was hard to say to his mother!LOL) it shows that “R” will get the benefit of some great sex education!!

I asked my friend to forgive me, but that’s what the cards were showing to me. They show him learning more about physical intimacy, and that would be really good for him 🙂

Book/Whips refer to sex education and Whips/Stars refer to getting coached! lol Too funny! another way of looking at those 3 cards would be to say that dreams will come true in the sex department!

I asked what’s on the girl’s mind surounding “R”? I charged the Lady card:


This said to me that in some ways she thinks he’s “it” – there’s definitely a karmic/spiritual connection between them. She also admires his decisiveness, but thinks at times that he’s  a bit critical.

What worried me were the 3 cards after hers – the House/Letter/Storks. It could be that she’s looking to him for some stability around the home, when she gets news about being pregnant in the months to come! As this is how she’s looking at him, that makes more sense that looking at these cards without any context and saying that there is some news around the family–somebody moving! although who knows? that might be an aside…

Then I asked the question,”what’s going on around the young woman?” here are the cards I drew:


*(Note that I included the Moon card in this strip, because I thought it helped clarify. Normally, I would only go out to a maximum of 3 cards either side of the charged card.)

Moon/Mice says that in the past, she was under some kind of emotional stress. The Child card told me that it concerned a child… and the combination of Child & Ring jumped out at me as a possible adoption. I don’t know a thing about this girl, even her name! so I was a bit afraid of putting this out there, but I did.

The Bouquet/Scythe/Man seemed to indicate to me that she would find some healing from that emotional past issue, with the “R” who she sees as the decisive man 🙂 (It’s not the way I would describe him! lol)

So I had a controversial warning that this girl was promiscuious, and had multiples, and that she had had a child in the past and had lost it- and might possibly get news in the next few months that she’s pregnant again!

This didn’t look too good!

I went on to do a tarot spread as a follow -up on this situation, that helped to bring it all together for me.

59-minor-cups-101 68-minor-wands-055 20-major-judgement1 71-minor-wands-08229-minor-discs-082 77-minor-wands-king338-minor-swords-03457-minor-cups-081

In the past:10 of Cups

Shows that in the past “R”has felt comfortable within himself and his place within the world. Also that he’s been very family oriented.

In the Present: 5 of Wands

He presently is restless, and wanting adventure and change. He has enthusiasm and a bit of recklessness where this girl is concerned.

Near Future: Judgement
In the near future “R” will need to listen to his inner guidance and consider any repercussions of his actions. It will be important for “R” to have clear judgement.
Surrounding Energies – 8 of Wands
depicts a period of freedom, & life is good! the relationship seems uncomplicated.
Attitude- 8 of Pentacles

“R” is emotionally commited to the relationship- he really wants it to work out.
Outcome: King of Wands/3 of Swords

Unfortunately, this will end painfully. There will be a split. But this isn’t necessarily bad for “R”- he’s going to learn alot about himself through this interaction, and that’s going to help him. He will learn self-discipline (which is important)

Answer: 8 of cups

this does show him walking away from this relationship. He will realize that the relationship has offered all that it can, and it is time to move on. He will outgrow the situation.

So there is alot of learning to be had from this relationship!

Feedback: I received immediate feedback from my friend, and the son. Exclamations like OMG! you hit the nail on the head! (lol)

It turns out that this young woman did have a child, and it was given up for adoption! The one part of this reading I thought I was sticking my neck out on, turned out to be fact!! so the lesson here, is to say everything, and don’t edit yourself!

She also is promiscuious…the mother commented that she thought she’d sleep with anybody (#@#@!) but the young man, who has been isolated a great deal of his life because of health issues, has found the whole thing an adventure, and he was restless and wanting to be reckless.

She shared the reading with her son, who’s comment was,”it’s so accurate, it’s frightening” – this, from a mother who reads the playing cards professionally, and a son who’s an avid tarot reader.

Although my remarks could have been controversial, they turned out to be spot on. This gave me alot of confidence in my abilities, and with Sylvie Steinbach’s system of reading the lenormand cards.

I can’t recommend her book , The Lenormand Oracle and the virtual workshop on Aecletic Tarot enough- (Links on the side)-

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