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Lenormand and Playing Card reading~

April 4, 2009

A few days ago I did a reading using the Lenormand and the Playing cards. I wasn’t able to post until now. I discovered what my posting problems were: a setting with alignment had changed, and I just didn’t see what was causing the trouble! Luckily I’m back now!


200px-playing_card_club_2_svg 200px-playing_card_club_9_svg 200px-playing_card_club_10_svg_small 200px-playing_card_heart_a_svg_small1 200px-playing_card_spade_2_svg_small1

Lily /2Clubs- The Lily either describes an older (than me) man, possibly with gray hair, or it describes a feeling of satisfaction and peace.

The 2 Clubs can represent gifts being given, or benefits being received or exchanged. It can be a literal, material gift, or a gift of energy.

I am not sure if I’m receiving something from a person, described by the Lily, or if it’s showing the way I will feel by this benefit.

Mountain/9Clubs- The Mountain usually represents delays and blockages of all kinds to me. It can also literally be a place out in the country somewhere.

The 9Clubs can mean travel, luck and achievement. It can mean luck in business. It also represents distance.

The 2 thoughts that come to mind is that I am either travelling to somewhere mountainous, or there are delays around a business deal, or delays around travel. The “lucky break” might not manifest when expected!

Mice/10Clubs- For me, the Mice means stress and worry of the mind. Some other think of it as loss.

The 10Clubs is the card of ambition, achievement, success in business affairs. The 10Clubs can be the actual business. The 10Clubs can also relate to Water………this combination could indicate a problem with plumbing!!

Heart/AceHearts- This is a lovely pair. The Heart represents feelings, love, passion, enthusiasm, & happiness.

The AceHearts represents the family, the home, a family member. So I take this combination to mean that there will be a real happiness in the home, a joyous environment, or lots of love surrounding a family member.

Stars/2Spades- The Stars is always great to see, and especially here. It says to me that your wishes are about to come true, this is it! dreams made manifest….

The 2Spades usually represents a break, or a rift…it’s the arguement, the disagreement, the parting of ways & letting go of something or someone..

I immediately thought that I would get my wishes around a very serious dispute that’s been going on for a long time.

The first, fourth and fifth pairs felt like they were related. That I’m going to be very pleased with something offered, that it changes the atmosphere in the home, and that finally we would be free from the dispute.

Having said that, the Mt/9Clubs might be referring to where this offer is coming from: far away from where I am, and in the country–the state of Montana: OR it’s talking about delays in business or travel…  or delays at a distance; I’m really not sure!

As I did this draw a few days ago, unable to post; we have had plumbing problems today!! LOL so that might be the Mice/10Clubs 🙂

If this is all one theme, which is usually the case with this reading; it says that I will be pleased with an offer being given, although there will be initial delays at a distance; and there will be some stress and worry as to whether we will actually be successful in this matter! The cards show that we will be, and there will be a real change in the atmosphere of the home and family as this happens; and we will finally be able to put this awful dispute behind us.

We are in the last throes of a legal dispute – and this looks like it’s describing the end of it with an offer.

The reading of Lenormand with the Playing cards is very satisfying, and works just as well as with the tarot.

I urge you to experiment in combining different decks, and see how your intuition plays with them.

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