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Lenormand and Tarot Reading~

April 6, 2009





Over the weekend, I also did a reading using the Tarot with the Lenormand. This was a spread that Sylvie once shared with her students- and it’s great! I’ve had great success with it, whether using Tarot, Playing Cards or another oracle.

I shuffle both decks of cards, putting forth the intention of drawing 5 cards to combine with the other 5 cards. Once I’m done shuffling both, I alternate drawing 1 tarot, and then 1 lenormand; until I have 5 places.

Really, the amount of places wouldn’t matter, this would do well with 7 places as well…maybe as a weekly spread! (I’ll have to try that!)

2Wands/Clover- There is something that I am thinking about, planning, or just mulling over alot…. with the Clover combined, there is alot of luck around these thoughts/plans. There’s hope, and maybe an unexpected turn in events concerning this.

Empress/Lily- These are both really nice cards! The Empress says to me that I’m about to reap the rewards of something that has gone before…something is about to be made manifest.

The Lily combined with the Empress says to me that I’m going to be really pleased with this; and that there will be a sense of satisfaction and peace with it.

Death/Key- 2 very powerful cards in their own right! The Death card tells me that I/we are about to go through a major change, with the Key it hints that Destiny is at play. There will be a an unexpected resolution to something….and that it’s literally being brought about by spiritual help. These 2 cards together, are like a neon flashing light, saying “This is IT! this is what you’ve been waiting for!” lol

9Pentacles/Lady- Now the 9Pentacles represents having, emotional, physical. It’s the woman who is very comfortable in her surrounds. What I’m not sure is whether the Lady is me, or if it is describing another lady, who I think it might be… Either way, there is money in the woman’s possession (and that’s something that is lacking at the moment for me-)

4Pentacles/Tower- This combo let me understand what this whole spread was trying to tell me. The 4Pentacles is the having/receiving of money. It can mean a windfall. It’s the complete material stability. With the Tower, I could go 2 ways: either it represents the legal affairs we’re in, in which case there’s a resolving of it; or it represents big business.

I don’t think it’s the latter- because my thoughts aren’t towards corporate level business, only entrepeneurship…Fish would be more appropiate in that case. It could be banking though, as in saying there is plenty of money in the bank!

This combo, could also represent being able to purchase real estate.

My thoughts on this, is that there is a big change coming around the legal- in which there is a great deal of money that will be available (for all those debts to be paid off! including the lawyers!) I suspect that the 9Pentacles and the Lady is saying that the other legal party gets the money that’s needed to settle the judgement, once and for all.

This reading really intrigues me, and I’ll be sure to update, as to which scenario it turns out to be.

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