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Reading using Madame SeaQueen’s Trigger Layout~

April 12, 2009




Yesterday, I did this spread for my husband, using Madame Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout. (see earlier posts for explanation of spread)

Looking at the Trigger Row first-

Bear-Man-Fish-Anchor: The Bear/Man represents my husband’s soon-to-be- business partner, who’s a financial trader. The Fish/Anchor is showing that there is about to be stability in the business enterprise that they are hard at work on. The Anchor in particular, shows that the goal is within reach, and that perseverence is going to pay off.

Past or leaving: Snake-Bear-Dog- In the recent past, there have been quite a few problems for our financial trader friend. Troubles specifically around money. He has had many deals on the table, expecting at least one of them to finalize and pay out…and it’s been a long, painful wait! It’s comforting to see that this is in the “Past” position!

Now: Book-Man-Stars-Connected to this friend (dog), there is about to be a great surprise for my husband. Wishes are about to come true out of the blue! It shows that a new chapter is about to begin for my mate.

Immediate Future: Clover-Fish-Fox- Still, in conjunction with the previous 2; the Clover/Fish represents a prosperous business, or a business opportunity. The Fox says that my husband will shortly be working as an independent contracter type, in this situation. (as soon as the funds arrive, he will be the right hand man in a huge operation, working independently travelling all over)

Future: House-Anchor-Tree- I take this to mean that in the near future, there will be a more stable, healthy environment within the home. The Tree represents growth and health of the family, but it may also represent a timing. In this case, it either refers to 5 days or 5 weeks (ugh) or the month of May when we see everything settle down for the family.

Ironically, a psychic that my husband saw in January, said that he would begin working in earnest in this new venture, in May! So this seems to reflect the changes that are about to happen. Very good!

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