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Line of 5 reading~

April 13, 2009


I thought I would do a spread that Chanah introduced on her blog, a long time ago now! The Line of 5.

I focused on what was going to be happening around me in the next week to 10 days? I then drew these 5 cards.

First, just reading across the row, I have Clover/Garden which  can indicate winnings of some kind. It could be from a casino (which I’m not going to anytime soon! lol) or the lottery, some kind of games….or just Winnings! it also says to me good luck, twist of fate and a festive atmosphere coming.

Garden/Bouquet continues the theme, meaning happiness, great contentment…..and again, a festive party atmosphere!

Bouquet/Letter represents great news, something happy coming, or even an invitation.

House, I feel stands on it’s own, representing the family, the home….

So I could surmise, that there is some kind of windfall, or winnings that brings about a festive feeling to the family- there is very happy news coming that lifts the spirits of everyone.

Combining the first and last cards (Clover+House), lucky opportunites come to the home, positive outcomes for the clan. It also represent prosperous home/family…..connect that to the winnings, and something is definitely up!

Combining the next 2 inner cards (Garden+Letter) I can think of a couple of things. It could be a conference call, meetings that bring about news… or news about a group of people (say a charity for instance)

And in the middle, I have the Bouquet! The happy sweet card that represents a gift, a healing, a recovery from something & wishes that are granted.

I have really only one wish at this time, and that is a successful and profitable ending to the dispute with the woman and her “group”(that they like to call a charity). This could be saying that there is a resolution to this..especially with the combo meaning “winnings”- since I am not gambling in any shape or form at the moment (!)- too busy counting pennies to do that! lol

I honestly think that there is good news on the way about this issue.

Otherwise, I scrounge together a couple of dollars, and end up winning the lottery this week!! LOL I’d take that too!

update: although the week time frame isn’t over, I have just received news today (thurs) that a great deal of money will be hitting our bank account next week- this would definitely change the atmosphere of the home and bring about festivities! This is definitely a Bouquet+Letter!
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