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Scythe – Ship – Book

April 20, 2009


I drew these 3 cards yesterday, and wasn’t sure about them. I didn’t have time to post them until today, and as of 5 minutes ago , I know exactly what they are referring to.

I had translated it to mean, either a decision at a distance that comes as a surprise, or a shock at a distance that comes as a surprise.

Well, it was a decision (that most definitely came as a shock) from someone I love, at a distance.

It’s too personal to elaborate on, but all I will say was that it takes alot for me to be shocked, and I am.

Why I ever doubt these cards when I pull them, is beyond me! they prove time and time again that they’re spot on.


update: the above still holds true, but I have just received a call from my husband that his daughter had to be rushed into hospital after collapsing at the doctor’s office- she’s on oxygen and in the emergency room, that’s all I know- so this definitely is a Shock/accident at a distance out of the blue.
The other thing about the Scythe and the Ship, is that it might mean that my husband’s return trip home is put on hold again.
I will update the update.
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