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Health spread-

April 21, 2009

Yesterday I drew cards around my stepdaughter’s current health problems. I charged the Tree representing Health, and laid out the cards. Here are the cards that surrounded the Tree:


The Lily and the Mountain show being immobilized, or even a coma. In this case it is the struggle of not having full command of her limbs and of having muscle weakness- she has literally been immobilized for the last day or so, falling to the floor.

Although it is not the norm to combine the 2 cards on either side of the charged card, I do look at it, because very often it pertains. The Mountain+Mice indicate the frustration that she and my husband are enduring with all the delays. The medical establishment is taking their sweet time with her problem.

Mice+Ship said 2 things to me, there will be more stress and upset over there in the near future, and secondly, my husband will most likely delay his return home again.

Had I extended one more card out to the right, you would have seen the Key card. I took this to mean that this experience is literally going to be a spiritual journey in a sense for my step daughter; re-evaluating her priorities.

As a small update: my husband called me this morning to say that he would most likely be staying longer again….

What a strange time this has been!

update: I was starting to think that I had got it wrong with delayed travel, as my husband did an about face the other day and said he was coming home! I wasn’t sure what to think of those 2 cards- but sure enough, my step daughter is still having difficulties, and my mate called tonight,(23rd) to say that he couldn’t leave her. He’s looking at staying for another 2 weeks!

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