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Key + Horseman + Lily

April 23, 2009


The Key card says “to take notice”; something of great importance is about to happen. This could be of a spiritual nature, or it could be that there is a solution to challenges. A major event is about to take place, and this symbol tells me that there’s success! There is about to be a miracle/wish manifest……..and I could use one.

The Horseman says that there is news on the way. I’m about to hear of this major change in things.

The Lily card has quite a few meanings, but for me, it most often describes a state of well-being; of satisfaction and feeling at peace. I haven’t felt that for quite awhile, so that’s interesting. The Lily could also be describing a person. If that’s the case, then it’s an elderly person, older man, or a man with grey/white hair.

The King of Spades is the playing card insert for this card (On other decks like the Blue Owl). He represents a man in authority, someone successful, or someone who works within the govt./officialdom. He sometimes represents my ex-husband who works for the US govt.

If you combine the first 2 cards, Key+Horseman there are the meanings of  news of a solution, significant news/message, or spiritual revelation, psychic event ie. clairvoyance or clairaudience. The Key corresponds to the spiritual vision and hearing. This could be saying that I will  get a spiritual message or vision that is of great meaning and satisfaction to me. I know that may sound wacky for some, but not for me; I have visions, hear clairaudiently at times, and have seen ghosts! so this is a very real translation of the cards for me!

More likely, I will be getting some great news that brings back a sense of peace and security….I look at these cards, as the creditors continue to call, and Know, deep down, that everything is going to be all right.   🙂

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