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Tower + Man + Crossroads

April 24, 2009


This draw all depends on what the Tower really represents!

The Man is faced with decisions…what is he going to do?

The Tower very likely refers to everything legal. I could take this to mean that the man will be making decisions concerning a legal matter, or the Tower/Man might be describing a lawyer or a bureaucrat/official.

The Tower could also have to do with corporate/big business; describing a man who is involved in huge deals, or involved in big real estate. He would be a high roller, or someone with a big sense of self 🙂

I’m not sure which it is….it could be either or both! It could definitely be a lawyer or an official of the court, and we’re being presented with a choice to make. (Sorry I didn’t add an extra card now! lol) It could also be my husband’s business partner who is involved in some of the biggest deals you could imagine…….

I won’t have long to wait to see which one, thank goodness-

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