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Lily + Stars + Horseman

April 25, 2009


I’m trying to make a point of sharing the wonderful draws that I’m receiving, to document their truth 🙂 I’m in quite a pickle personally at the moment, but the cards keep showing major change. They really haven’t let me down yet, and frankly, are keeping my spirits up in the midst of major Stress!

I’m going to jump to the Stars and the Horseman first. This  combination is heralding GREAT NEWS! Wishes and desires being fullfilled. This is probably one of the nicest combinations you can get, if you’re in hot water like I am, because it promises of prayers being answered. That’s what I need about now! lol

So, with that understanding, who or what is the Lily? The Lily oft times represents an older man for me. It also has the meaning of parents/elders, but mine have been in Spirit for some time. My husband is 10 years older, I guess he would “qualify” – haha- but it’s not the way I see him.

More likely, the Lily is referring to a peace that settles over me, of great satisfaction. The Lily+Star could refer to a famous senior, like an older actor (neither which would make sense to me)….or it could represent a major achievement, of the soul satisfying kind. Maybe there’s recognition coming, that makes me feel deeply happy.

Simple is better sometimes, so I will go with the thought that I attain a very peaceful, satsified place because major happy news answers my heart felt prayers; or an older guy brings that news to my attention!

No matter what type of oracle I use (and I work with quite a few now) – they are all pointing at a major event happening soon, that brings about great joy and satisfaction! I don’t have a clue, but I know better than to doubt what the cards are adamently telling me! lol– I’ve just got to Surrender and Trust, and look forward to this joyful event~


update: I did receive “great news” from the Lily man (! lol) He’s older than I am so that counts- He’s also a bit of an idealist and a dreamer, always making it sound like the Ship has come in…. he did call and say our worries were over and that we’d have the funds before April was out……well April has gone and we’re into early May as I write this; the “great news” is still percolating as the last bits are falling into place. It hasn’t hit the bank account yet, but is about to- (or so he says!)
I did feel peaceful and happy for awhile when I received the “news”- but it was short-lived because it didn’t manifest in time.
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