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Garden + Clover + Heart

April 26, 2009


I’m not quite sure what to make of this! The Garden represents a party atmosphere, things are light and happy. One goes to parties, restaurants or public places. It’s associated with enjoyable circumstances.

Clover is good luck, it brings a twist of fate or lucky positive outcomes.. something unexpected happens that lightens up the load.

Then I have the Heart card. The Clover is lightening my heart, I am certain. There is joy and optimisim. There is harmony and a positive relationship.

The Garden card also represents groups, and even “non-profit organisations”. On my sister blog, The Card Lover, I have had many many readings hinting at a lucky change of events with the group & guru leader that we have been in legal battle with- they impersonate as a non-profit organisation, but it’s all a scam.

It is just possible that there is a lucky twist in that arena, that leaves my Heart very happy. At any rate, something happy and light hearted is coming my way; and way overdue!

update: nothing happened in the way that I wrote about here; and as it’s a daily draw, it usually appears pretty quickly (sometimes within the day, but often not)- The only other interp that I can think of is that of the Garden representing the internet. It very often crops up for me, representing the Blog/Forum network of friends that I have. This was most likely telling me that I would have some positive interactions that would lighten my heavy heart. (and I did during this time!)
So remember! Garden just might be talking to you about your internet experiences as well!
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