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Line of 5 Reading- Ship/Woman/Letter/Bouquet/Sun

April 27, 2009


I asked if there was anything of importance that would happen in this week? These are good cards to see, although I’m not sure which situation it’s describing.

The center card, The Letter is the focus of the reading. There is news coming, or there are dealings involving paperwork of some kind. These could be contracts or insurance, or simply news of something else!

The Ship and the Woman say that this is news for or around the woman at a distance.

The news is GOOD! (thank you) The Bouquet following the Letter is showing that-

The Bouquet can show a surprise or joyful event; it’s the wishes granted, the recovery from something…happy news is coming.

And ending with the Sun card, this line is showing Success and the Victory you’ve waited for. Combining the Bouquet with the Sun, you get the meanings of honorable victory, outstanding achievment, a celebration, success with everything!

I had wondered at first if this was talking about my stepdaugher, and her successfully getting the insurance to cover her absence from work. I’m not completely sure that I would see the combination of the Bouquet + Sun for that though; this sounds much grander than that.

Hold my breath! could it really be about what the other cards have been hinting at? wishes granted and we’re finally successful in collecting our judgement??? Fingers crossed! lol

It’s either one of those two scenarios, or I’m just going to hear from a lovely female friend who’s on vacation somewhere tropical and sends me a postcard!!!!!!  AAAGGHHHH!!  No! Please! lol


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