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Fox + Scythe + Bear

April 30, 2009


Now it would be very easy, and sensible for some to think that the fox + scythe had to do with job loss, or quitting a job; except that this interp wouldn’t be appropiate for either my mate or me. We don’t work for others in 9-5 type of employment. Rather than thinking of the Fox as a job, it feels more correct to think of it as the con man, or deceptive one. That’s been figuring greatly in all my readings, no matter what type of cards I use.

Once again, like yesterday’s draw, simpler is better.

Fox= con person, deceptive one…….Scythe=decision, or shock…..Bear= MONEY!

I think this is simply saying that the crook has decided to end this, and pay what she’s supposed to. All I can do is put it out there, and wait to see if I’m right 🙂

I had also done a Trigger layout spread, and the main line of that read like this:


Simply put: Victory/Success for the man (my husband), receiving money windfall from the woman.

They’re all hinting at the same thing….just need it to manifest pretty soon!!!!!

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