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Lenormand reading: Horse-shoe Spread

May 3, 2009

Past: 19tower =====================Answer:13child

Present:03boat===========Attitude: 33key

Near Future:32moon Surrounding:09flowers


……………………………………………………………………………….Underneath it all:34fishes1

There is a wonderful book written for the tarot called “Mastering the Tarot” by Paul Fenton Smith.

In it, there’s a spread that I really like, that I think is called the Horseshoe spread, or something like that. You can do a general with it, but it’s even more insightful with a specific question. I was curious whether it would translate well to the Lenormand. I already want to tweak it a bit though! I think in the future I will put 2 cards down in each position to read combos and see if that works better.

I decided to try a general, no question asked, so I added looking at what was underneath, to see what the general idea was about.

The Fish tells me it’s about business matters.

In the past,(Tower) there have been big deals pending, and big real estate deals…

Presently, I’m separated from my hubby, (Ship) and he’s separated from the business dealings.

Near future, is the Moon. There is going to be something of an emotional nature coming…I decided to link this card to the one across from it; the surrounding energies, The Bouquet. So this is of a very happy nature! Emotional happiness = Moon+Bouquet…

My attitude about all of this: Key – This is it! this is the change we’ve been waiting for, and somehow, what’s happening business-wise feels fated. I actually do feel that we’ve been through a karmic time of lack, but that that’s about to come to an end.

Answer: Child – New beginnings at hand, new deals, new opportunities. We’re about to start a new chapter.

Outcome: Fox – now this card had me wondering exactly which business issue I was looking at? is the Fox the con person? in which case the Tower is the legal………..or the Child and the Fox are talking about the new work that both my husband and I will be doing in this new business venture.

The Fish could be describing the independence we will have as well. I know many assign the Fish card to money, but it isn’t for me, that would be the Bear. Although I would have liked it to say money! lol

An extra card here or there, would have clarified this a bit more, but I think it worked pretty well!

So next time, 2 cards in each position and we’ll see how that works 🙂


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