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Tower + Garden + Mice

May 4, 2009


Now here’s a draw that could go quite a few ways! the only part  that I am certain of is that there is stress or excitements connected to it. The other word that I can definitely associate with the Mice is being nervous; I definitely have a nervous air about me today.

My gut tells me that the Tower and the Garden, in this instance, is talking about real estate matters, and dealing with the multitude of people when you put your house up on the market. I’ve been stressing all weekend, making sure to have the house  in showing order (I’m a Virgo), and I’m alone doing it! So Mice is definitely apropo.

The combination of Garden and Mice can also mean excitements…now this takes on a more positive twist if the Tower is talking about legal, but we shall see 🙂

So how else could the Tower +Garden be interpretated? it’s shown up to mean hospitals, health centers etc.

Tower+Garden = Big business network; lots of people dealing in a big place…. so beauracracy of all kinds, legal/justice, schools ie. Universities, high schools, Government, IRS possibly, airports, banking systems (please don’t be the last!)

So there could be stress related to one of these, or excitements of some kind. The mice is traditionally related to losses.

So maybe I’ll hear of a big layoff happening- or corporate losses. These would fit too- and sometimes the daily draw isn’t all that personal but something I will hear about during the day.

I’m on a roll now- Tower+Garden could be describing a huge hotel chain as well.

I will revisit this, if something pops up other than my personal stress over real estate dealings!


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