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Ring + Snake + Letter

May 5, 2009


Something is definitely ‘up’. I did a series of draws this morning, with many of the cards I like to read with. All of them were showing messages around the legal case and the woman on the other side, that my husband is fighting.

All of them! I don’t think I have ever had that happen.

These 3 cards could be read a few different ways, but because of the theme that presented itself, I know exactly what this is saying.

The Snake comes up alot to represent the woman who’s our adversary. She’s the Queen of Clubs/Wands and she most definitely fits the description of the snake. She’s a real piece of work!

The Ring is saying an agreement is reached! amazing- a deal is actually going to happen.

The Letter is either showing us all signing documents, or just telling me that there is news of a deal coming.

I will share some of the corresponding draws on my sister blog, The Card Lover.

I’m ready for some good news-


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