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Whips – Tower – Stars

May 10, 2009


These were the 3rd vertical row in a Trigger Spread I did this morning. It represents the Immediate Future.

Whips most often, for me, represents disagreements/arguements. It also comes up as busy activity alot.  The rest of the spread was describing the legal situation as well- so I can safely say that the Tower represents legal here.

I would combine the Whips and the Tower to describe a legal dispute. That was my initial thought. According to some of my research, this can also represent a court hearing or proceedings.

Ending this with the Stars card, I’m over the moon! This is saying dreams are about to come true – this is it! It promises success.

I feel like the air is pregnant with possibility and promise – it only now has to touch down and finally manifest 🙂

I wish I had had time to share the entire reading with you, but my mate has just returned after being away for a month; I feel lucky that I was able to post this much this evening!

best wishes,


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