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Mice + Sun + Heart

May 16, 2009


There is Victory (Sun) over stressful conditions (Mice), or one could say  there is a hard one victory.  This is how I would combine the Mice+Sun.

The Sun is such a darn good card to see! combining it with the the Heart, you get the meanings of lighter, brighter emotions, or literally “light-heartedness“! It also describes an intense, passionate relationship; something I definitely have….

I would say in summation that I will get my relationship back into a better, lighter place; but not without putting in some real elbow grease.

I was out weeding our gravel driveway for hours this morning, being attacked by the midgies…this, to show support, and so that he would see that it’s not all on him to keep it all up. Actions really do speak louder than words.

I’ve known men, who have the gift of words and have charmed, but never backed it up with any substance. With my mate, what he says, he always follows through–it’s been a major mirror for me; to make sure that I put into action the words that I choose to say. Action is the gift, not the kind word…..

I’m now covered in bites! but I know it went a long way in reassuring that my mate had help 🙂

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