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Reading for Husband using Madame SeaQueen’s Trigger layout-

May 16, 2009




I did this reading this morning,using Madame SeaQueen’s Trigger Layout and was very pleased with the way the cards spoke to me. It gave a lot of information.

For awhile though, I just couldn’t ‘get’ what the Trigger Row (middle horizontal) which tells the main theme of the reading, was trying to say. I knew that the Cross+Man described how my husband is feeling at the moment. He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders right now, trying to keep afloat. It wasn’t until this afternoon, that the meaning of the Crossroads+Garden made sense to me.

Crossroads can mean being faced with choices and decisions; this is true, he has been faced with a lot of agonizing decisions! But one must remember that it also can mean “multiples“.

Garden has many meanings as well. It primarily shows up for me to mean public gatherings, the internet, venues, party-like atmosphere, theatre, restaurants….etc.

What hit me today for the first time concerning Crossroads+Garden, was the meaning of multiple venues,   “multiple fronts“.

I then got a very true message in the Trigger Row: my husband is extremely worried and agonising on multiple fronts!!

So here is  a new meaning (at least for me) for the combination of Crossroads+Garden! take note!

In the past or leaving: Dog+Cross+Bear- Our financial trader friend has been in the same boat as we have, extremely stressed out and suffering from financial woes. This is indeed in the process of leaving, as he has received word that money is going to be available next week. The Bear is in the Outcome position, so a windfall will take place. As I have explained before, in Sylvie Steinbach’s teachings, the Bear rather than the Fish represents money. It’s what I’ve assigned as meaning…Pretend that the Fish is there if you were trained differently 🙂

Presently or about to happen: Anchor+Man+Child- There is about to be a stable environ again, as a new opportunity is presented to my husband. This stability brings a new sense of excitement and wonder, and spontaneity. These cards show that he is about to reach his goals, the distant shore, and that new projects will begin. The bottom card from the prior row is the reason why this comes into being….there is money available that brings the reliable situation forward. For some, Anchor means “work”, this would also be appropriate, as with the arrival of this money, the new work will begin 🙂  Both meanings fit here.

Immediate Future: Key+Crossroads+Lily- These new opportunities also bring life changing decisions, which in turn result in satisfaction and serenity. Key+Crossroads could also mean “spiritual choices” that bring peace and serenity.

Here’s another way to view these cards: The Key brings answers, and unexpected solutions. There can be a twist of fate, that then leads to very satisfying decisions being made…

Future: Bouquet+Garden+Horseman- Bouquet can mean light-hearted, beauty, gift, joy, recovery, happiness, granted wishes. Combining this with the Garden brings up some nice ideas, such as: fine dining/restaurant, joyful gathering or party, recovery of the network of people involved in this situation, Happy bunch of people!… and the Horseman announces that it’s coming very soon, it’s almost to your door.

This could also announce new people coming onto my husband’s scene in the midst of this recovery and new opportunities.  A really nice group of newcomers…

Things look like they are going to get a whole lot brighter, and pretty soon.

The other thing that popped out at me were the diagonal corners: Dog+Horseman and Bear+Bouquet;

news coming from our dear friend, and financial recovery – these are definitely linked to the entire spread.

So remember also, Bear+Bouquet can mean a money gift , or financial recovery!  that’s a great combo!

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