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Ship combinations..

May 16, 2009

As an exercise to make me think about combinations more, from time to time I will do an exercise of posting possible combinations that come to me. Here is just a brief start with the Ship card –

03boat01ridercould have these meanings:

-A foreign young gentleman – distant news arriving – round trip – arrival of a new car – travel coming soon – moving coming soon also possible

03boat02clovercould have these meanings:

– a lucky journey, a happy trip, a trip with an unexpected twist connected to it…in other words, unpredictable -gambling trip – possibly even winning a car?!

03boat04housecould have these meanings:

-moving house Рtraveling to see family -emigrating  -houseboat? Рdistant family Рdistant home -where you reside while traveling? such as a vacation home?

03boat05tree could have these meanings:

journey for health benefits – journey for spiritual purposes, such as a pilgrimage – would this be a combo for astral travel as well? -Pope mobile! (only kidding)

03boat06clouds could have these meanings:

-car disturbance/car trouble – journey with uncertainty or confusion connected to it -a move or transfer that’s up in the air -traveling in June –

This is the end to part 1 of the Ship. Do you have any thoughts to add? Please post!

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