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May 18, 2009


These were the 3 cards following me, in a big spread, in which I had charged both the man for my husband and the Lady for me. His was about success and money coming, and this is what I was stuck with!!

With the combination of House+Fox , I immediately had the word “Housework”!! pop into my head! lol  With the Mice following them, it shows that I”m going to be stressed out from all the work needed to be done to keep the house looking show-worthy (it’s on the market)

Another thought, and still not nice, is that there are lies/deceit within the home, or attempts at manipulation that cause me to get worked up. I don’t like that thought at all!

House+Fox could also have the meaning of house robbery, something being stolen. But if this was the case, I don’t think my husband’s cards would have been so merry!

I’m betting it’s just showing the Virgo lady stressing out over keeping the house ready at a moment’s notice. Which is awful when you don’t even want your house on the market!!!

Had this been for my daughter, I might have looked at the House+Fox as “Homework”! and stressing out over it 🙂

Update: Unbelievable!! it happened today! I wrote: “attempts at manipulation that get me worked up”I got a phone call from my ex husband who is currently stationed overseas…we had asked for his help, to help his son financially with a short term loan. He came back with a really screwy proposal about getting out of his child support payments for our one daughter who is still under age!! It really stressed me out big time. On top of it, he booked an airline ticket without re-checking dates with my daughter to come to her high school graduation, and booked it for the day after the commencement!! so she’s all stressed out too! LOL
He made it easy to remind me why he’s my EX!
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